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Our Ultimate Search For Happiness In Life

Happy man

A lot of people have examined and written about happiness and the search for happiness throughout the ages. Today people seem to seek happiness in what they have, especially in comparison to that of others. But happiness may have more to do with how you act and react to the world around you than from […]

Why Barefoot Shoes? The Best Comfort Shoe

bottom of barefoot shoe

I found a pair of in-expensive barefoot shoes (compared to my runners) online and thought I would try them out.  After wearing them around the streets of Buenos Aires I was surprised how good they felt.  I also recently wore them hiking in the Canadian Rocky Mountains and was happy to have worn them.  I […]

Biological vs Chronological Age: Important Differences to Overcome Now

Hour glass and clock

Most people have never consider the differences between biological vs chronological age. What is clear though is that each birthday a person celebrates adds another year to their chronological age.  Simple but not the full story. You may not know that this is not the best way of determining how old you are. This is […]

The Best Testosterone Booster Supplement

Middle age man doing arm curls

From the age 30 on, men face natural declines in hormone levels as they get older. This affects various aspects of their lives, so choosing the best testosterone booster can make a difference in their overall health and wellbeing. This article looks in detail at seven popular testosterone boosting supplements, examining their ingredients, their efficacy […]

5 Simple Ways to Smooth Life’s Ups and Downs

Drop Tower fairground ride

There is one thing common to all of us: life’s ups and downs.  While we may prefer just the good things to happen all the time and do away with all the things that get us down, there are things we can do to help smooth the road.   Anyone who has been on a […]

The Best Smartwatch for Heart Monitoring and Heart Health

Man wearing smartwatch with heart monitor - digital art

In today’s fast-paced world, technology offers more than just convenience; it extends to enhancing our health and wellness. Smartwatches have emerged as pivotal tools in this regard, especially for monitoring heart health. With various models boasting features like electrocardiograms (ECGs), blood oxygen monitoring, and even temperature sensing. Choosing the right smartwatch can be crucial for […]

7 Ways to Combat Age: The Best Anti Aging Solution

man in boxing ring ready for combat

As you get older you end up facing the impact of aging head on. You encounter a number of physical and mental challenges that you didn’t have when you were younger.  As a result, this impacts your ability to live the life you want. So, if you are looking for an effective anti aging solution […]

The Best Multivitamin for Men Over 50

vitamins in a bowl

For those leading an active lifestyle, it’s important to select a multivitamin that supports overall health and vitality. Hence, this guide evaluates and compares the leading options, spotlighting the best multivitamin for men over 50. Specifically, It does this based on essential nutrients, specialized health needs, formulation quality, added health benefits, consumer feedback, content, quality […]

Being Patient is the Key to Success – Unlock a Better You

snail crossing road

For men over 50, being patient is not just a choice but a sound approach towards personal development and fitness. Most people want immediate results. I’ll forgo the cake today so I’ll be 5 lbs. lighter tomorrow or I’ll lift weights this week so I look ripped next week. Unfortunately life doesn’t work that way. […]

Benefits of Positive Stress: Motivate, Energize and Enhance Life

stress scrabble word

Stress, an ever present part of modern life, carries a negative connotation especially as we get older. For men in their 50s, stress is seen as a possible health risk. In life, stress is inevitable but not all stress is bad or harmful  There are difference between good stress and bad stress, however, we hardly […]

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