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How to Regain Your Edge – Its Time!

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I was looking at Quora over the weekend and found a number of people confessing to losing their edge and looking for answers on how to regain it.  Although the label was common across the different concerns, it didn’t seem that the root problem was necessarily the same.  That’s because there isn’t one definition as […]

What is Stoicism? 6 Great Reasons to Care

Thinking Man photo of statue

Stoicism may be an ideal tool to manage the stresses of life and lead a meaningful life, but what is Stoicism?  It is a philosophy practiced in ancient times, that may provide a way to help you improve your life.  It resembles Buddhist and Christian teachings in how it teaches its proponents to deal with […]

Habits and Goals for a Successful Life

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When we set our minds to accomplish great things, like running a marathon in 6 months, habits play the main role in reaching these goals.  In fact, habits and goals go hand in hand. While we can have habits without goals, such as smoking a pack of cigarettes a day, we can’t really have goals […]

Positive Visualization For A Great Life

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I want you to try using positive visualization techniques because I believe that it can greatly improve your life and help you achieve your goals. This is done through the power of imagination and mental imagery.  For men over 50 this may be enough to help you regain your  edge and make a huge difference […]

7 Types of Habits: How to Make You A Better Man

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Habits are a reflection of who we are and how we live our lives. Thus, they can make us stronger or destroy us.  This article lists seven types of habits and shows that by choosing good habits instead of bad ones for each, you can improve yourself and become a better man. Clearly, each habit […]

Best Coffee for Energy: Add The Good Stuff

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Coffee is a popular beverage globally, partly due to its notable benefits. Studies show drinking coffee regularly can improve your cognitive ability, reduce the risk of disease, and increase longevity. In addition, it also offers the much sought-after energizing effects of caffeine to start your day. This article reveals the best coffee for energy you […]

Breaking Free: Overcoming Nice Guy Syndrome After 50

A sign that says Let's start Over

Nice guy syndrome (NGS) is a problem that plagues a lot of guys. Dr. Robert Glover, author of No More Mr. Nice Guy, wrote his book after working as a group therapist with men who have this problem. He discusses how some men who try too hard to please others and neglect themselves end up […]

Best Hobbies For Men To Regain Their Edge

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Hitting the age of 50 years isn’t just a milestone; it’s an opportunity to revisit one’s passions and discover healthy hobbies. As we get older as men we face certain challenges  that affect our personal, mental, physical and overall well being.  See 8 Problems Men Face When Growing Older and How to Deal With Them. […]

Easy Choices Hard Life, Hard Choices the Best Life

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I often tell my kids (usually to no avail) to make the right decisions now so their options are greater later on in life.  I use the analogy of a tree with good decisions being branches on the tree.  The more good decisions made will lead to more branches providing more options later on in […]

Do What You Fear: Be Courageous Now!

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Do what you fear for personal growth! Because, by facing your fears you build resilience and confidence and make yourself stronger each time you do so. When you come up against challenges head-on, you expand your comfort zone and teach yourself something about who are. Each time you tackle something that scares you, you grow […]

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