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How to Look Younger for Men Over 50

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Aging sucks but there are a number of ways you can look younger, perhaps even by up to 10 years.  If you want to look younger and have a more youthful look check out the following recommendations.  Some of these recommendations are lifestyle changes, some cosmetic, and some a change in your attitude. All are ways how to look younger for men.


Unfortunate Realities of Aging

When a guy gets older, their skin changes:  they get crow’s feet around the eyes, fine lines on the forehead, and dry skin.  They begin to lose muscle mass and may appear to have a less than straight posture.  They also may begin to lose the hair on their head and get unwanted hair in other places.   Finally, they also likely gain weight and may no longer have a spring in their step.  These changes may also have a psychological effect causing lower self-esteem which impacts the way you appear.  If this sounds like you, let’s make some changes, you and I, to start looking and feeling younger.


Premature Aging

It isn’t difficult to look older than your biological age.  Premature aging is most noticeable in men that eat poorly, don’t exercise, smoke,  don’t use sunscreen or moisturize their skin, and don’t groom themselves.  

The appearance of aging is also is brought on by stress and illness, both of which can be beyond one’s control and should be discussed with your doctor.


How to Alter the Aging Process to Look Younger for Men Over 50

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Lose Weight

Weight loss may actually contribute the biggest improvement to reducing and turning back the aging process.  Excess weight makes you look older than you are.  You may have a double chin and potbelly from eating unhealthy junk food over the years.  Your physiology or metabolic age may also be older than your biological age.

The best way to lose weight is to eat a healthy balanced diet including vegetables and protein.  An added benefit of eating healthy foods is that your skin will likely improve in appearance, your body water composition and you may have more energy giving you a younger look. 


Lift Weights

While men begin to lose muscle mass in their thirties it doesn’t mean that you can’t slow or stop this process.  Muscle adds definition and helps give a man a stronger-looking frame.  Muscle also gives men confidence which affects their bearing and appearance.

Lifting weights is a way to increase muscle mass.  Muscles improve posture, increase energy and improve overall health.  It also has the added benefit of stimulating testosterone production which improves your sex drive.

The key to weight training for building muscle is to decrease the repetitions and increase the amount of weight.  Heavy weights are what spurs muscle growth.  Over time you should increase the amount of weight you lift to see improvement.

If you don’t have time or the inclination to go to the gym, work out at home.  Buy yourself some resistance bands for strength training.


Stand Up Straight

As you age, the weight of gravity has an effect on your posture.  Your overall height decreases and your muscles weaken.  It becomes more difficult to stand up straight with proper posture.  This results in a slouching tired look that impacts your overall appearance.   This can be offset by strength training and focusing on maintaining proper posture with your shoulders back, your head up, and straightening your posture.  

Some exercises that help improve your posture include exercises that strengthen your back and your core.  Strengthening your core is key to improving your posture.  You can also reduce your tendency to slouch by stretching by laying down on your stomach and raising your upper body with your hands.


Get More Sleep

Getting enough sleep at night will put you in a better mood and will help keep your energy levels up throughout the day.  High energy is a sign of youthfulness.  7 – 8 hours of sleep a night is recommended and may also help reduce the facial signs of drowsiness, particularly the dark circles around your eyes.

Make sure you avoid things that may affect your quality of sleep, such as alcohol and caffeine.


Too Much Sugar

Avoid Refined Sugar


  1. Has a negative compounding effect on your health and the way you appear.
  2. Through the process of glycation, which converts sugar to unhealthy free radicals, impacts the look of your skin making it appear older than it is. 
  3. Tends to sap your energy, after giving you a short sugar rush.  


Consider using pure organic  stevia, a natural sweetener derived from the stevia plant.  It won’t make you gain weight like sugar does. It’s safe for people with diabetes because it doesn’t increase your blood sugar levels. Unlike sugar, pure stevia doesn’t cause tooth decay.


Wear Sunscreen

UV rays impact the way your skin looks.  Although it is important to get some direct sun, which is necessary for the production of vitamin D, too much is bad for your skin. Sun exposure will cause drying, the formation of dark sunspots on your skin, and may lead to skin cancer.  

Sunscreen which contains a high Sun Protection Factor (SPF) is ideal and should be worn anytime you expect to go outside, especially when it is a sunny day.

If you already have sun spots you may be able to treat these yourself by using lemon juice which will bleach out the sunspots.  


Older guy who needs to trim his-beard - how to look younger for men

Tame Your Facial Hair

While some men like to keep a beard, trimming your facial hair will make your face look cleaner and more youthful.  If you keep neck hair, shave it, even if you like to keep a 5 o’clock shadow or a short beard.  Neck hair, particularly if it is greying makes you look older and untidy.


Trim Your Nose and Ear Hair

As guys age, they tend to grow hair in the strangest places.  Hair begins growing from their ears and nose.  Also, their eyebrows begin growing longer and becoming unruly. 

Invest in a hair and beard trimmer to trim your ear and nose hair.  Alternatively, you may choose to use tweezers, which involve a bit of pain, if you ask me.


Kick the Habit to Reduce Fine Lines

While a lot fewer people smoke in the US and Canada than they did 40 years ago, smoking leads to lung cancer and cardiovascular disease.  Smoking also impacts the way you look. 

Cigarette smoke ages your skin by prematurely inhibiting collagen and reducing skin elasticity.  This makes your skin more wrinkled and worn-looking.  it can discolor your skin with yellow patches from the nicotine stain. Quit smoking!


Guy drinking water to look younger

Drink More Water

One of the best tips on ways to look younger and have a more youthful glow is to drink more water.  When you are dehydrated you lose moisture from your skin and tissues leaving your skin less elastic and making your eyes look darker and your face less youthful.


Drinking water also improves your energy if you are dehydrated and has other benefits such as helping to reduce headaches and flushing toxins from your body.  Don’t drink too much – 6-8 glasses a day is just fine.


Brighten Your Smile

Having white teeth nowadays has the look of healthy youthfulness.  While white teeth may make you look better, poorly kept teeth do the exact opposite.  Ensure you take proper care of your teeth and even get them straightened, if you have crooked teeth, before putting the focus on them by getting them professionally whitened.

While you may spend money on ways to whiten your teeth make sure you don’t undo your progress by drinking too much coffee and tea, both of which will stain your teeth.


Dress for Success

The clothes you wear impact the way you look.  Baggy and frumpy-looking clothing is not usually attractive, especially for men who have followed the advice in this blog and have lost weight and exercise regularly.    

One thing some people do when they want to look younger is they begin dressing younger, sometimes in a clothing style that is much too young or just plain wrong for them.  Avoid youthful trendy clothing at all cost! 

A conservative style is usually the best option for older guys. Put away the track pants and invest in some trousers and sports jackets.  For more ideas check out fashion magazines for guys such as GQ or Men’s Fashion Magazine.


Skin Care and Anti-Aging Products for Men

First of all, forget about the perception that skin care is only for women.  While the manliest man you knew was probably your grandpa and he would have laughed at the idea of using skin cream, times have changed and people live much longer. Guys are using eye cream and moisturizer more often with product lines being marketed specifically for men.


Skin Care for Men

Taking care of your skin can reduce the look of old age by a few years if done consistently. You will see an even bigger impact if you start earlier.  

Washing your face with a face scrub and facial cleanser will remove dead skin cells and dirt that block natural oils.  This restores a more youthful appearance while also stimulating the skin’s blood vessels.  Using moisturizer and eye cream afterward may reduce wrinkles and leave your face looking younger.

Not all moisturizers are the same and most won’t remove wrinkles from your skin while most will protect you from the harsh weather.  


Using Moisturizers

Aside from drinking more water, the best skin care routine is to use a moisturizer.  While most moisturizers will soften your skin not all are beneficial to reducing wrinkles or other signs of aging. Look for moisturizers that have hyaluronic acid, which is a molecule found naturally in your body that helps reduce the signs of aging.  Choose carefully!


Freeze Your Face

Botox has become an increasingly common and widespread facial treatment for men and one of the better ways to reduce the look of aging by minimizing wrinkles.  Botox enables a temporary regenerative effect on wrinkles by smoothing out the skin and preventing it from creasing by the use of a chemical that inhibits contraction of facial muscles where Botox is injected.


Laser or Surgery

Cosmetic surgery can be used to combat a number of areas of concern.  You may opt to have sun spots or other skin discoloration removed using laser surgery.  Many men also have liposuction surgery to refine their jawline by removing some fat that gives the look of a double chin.    

Plastic Surgery may also be used for “tummy tucks” or even muscle augmentation.  It can also be used for something less intrusive, such as removing wrinkles on your forehead. Speak to a doctor about your options.


Conclusion: Bottom Line on How to Look Younger for Men over 50

We all want to look young.  Adopting healthy habits and dropping bad ones may make the biggest difference in your health and the way you look and feel.  Simple things like a bright smile, a straight back, and a confident and clean appearance go a long way to making you appear more youthful.  Eating healthy, quitting smoking, exercising, taking care of your skin will take you further.  For a more profound change in the way you look, cosmetic surgery may even make a bigger difference.  You may not be able to go back to your younger days but that doesn’t mean you can’t look younger.

Check out Looking Younger for Men Over 50 for more ideas on looking younger. For other ways on how to look younger for men, check out Belly Fat Reduction for Men Over 50: Effective Strategies.


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