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Looking Younger for Men Over 50: Victory Path to Life

man lifting weight - looking younger for men over 50

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As men get older they naturally lose testosterone and muscle mass  and tend to become less active.  The loss of testosterone leaves men with less energy compounding the problems of being less active.  The loss of muscle mass makes things even worse. The result is a decreased metabolism resulting in weight gain and a decrease in energy levels. If you want to know how you can look younger naturally and look up to 10 years younger, continue reading to discover the 5 steps for looking younger for men over 50. 


While there is no one approach to looking younger, losing weight will likely have the greatest impact on your appearance. However losing the wrong weight, i.e. muscle mass, which often happens when people reduce caloric intake, results in looking thinner but weaker . Exercise, specifically weight lifting, must accompany approaches to losing weight.  But don’t forget about other things you can and do to look and feel younger.


If you do the following 5  steps the chances are you will look and feel younger, baring other medical issues you may have.  If you are looking on how to look 10 years younger, this will set you on the right path.

  1. Lose weight
  2. Lift weights
  3. Get more quality sleep
  4. Reduce alcohol consumption and stop smoking
  5. Take care of your skin


1. Weight loss for men over 50

Excess body weight ages you; it slows you down and makes you look older that you are or need to be. Your face is rounder, you likely have a double chin, your gut is bigger and as a result you likely wear clothes that aren’t so flattering.


You may want to consider less carbohydrates and sugar and more protein and animal fats. A diet that burns more fat and less muscle is most optimal.  Ensure you are still getting the vitamins and minerals you need as you adjust your diet.


Intermittent fasting is another approach you may want to consider in losing weight. This may help you enter a ketogenic zone where your body focuses on burning fat stores rather than healthy muscle tissue.  You will likely need to fast for at least 16 hours before you enter ketosis. Longer fasting should be discussed with your doctor and should be done with a lower level of physical activity.


Barbell Strength Training - Looking Younger for Men Over 50

2. Strength Training for Older Men

 Resistance training helps build muscle mass while helping to improve your posture, increase bone density and improving your confidence, which has its own set of benefits.  Lifting weights also improves your metabolism.  Muscle mass burns calories faster than fat tissues, especially at rest.  The more muscle mass the more calories you will burn long after you finish your workout. 


Weight lifting also has the benefit of influencing hormone levels, increasing the production of growth hormone and testosterone both of which helps muscle growth.


It is important to begin with lighter weights and only gradually increasing the amount you lift.  The goal is to lift heavier and heavier weights to increase muscle mass.  If you increase the amount of weight too quickly you risk injury, which will prevent you from continuing until you are healed.  Touch base with a personal trainer who will help you create a safe and effective workout plan.


3. Better Sleep for Aging Men:

 Getting quality sleep has a number of health benefits including providing you more mental and physical energy, improved immune system, reduced stress, lowered risk of heart disease and an improvement in your mood.


Some of the best ways to ensure improvement in the quality of your sleep include

  • Stop drinking coffee after noon
  • Practice deep breathing and meditation prior to sleep
  • Stop drinking alcohol
  • Avoid foods that cause heartburn
  • Avoid strenuous exercise prior to sleep
  • Ask your doctor about the impact of medicine your taking on quality sleep


While a quality sleep provides a number of benefits, one of the more important, as it relates to looking and feeling younger is the impact stress has on your body.  Chronic stress ages you quickly, impacts your cognitive ability and memory.


4. Reducing Alcohol and Smoking in Older Men:

Alcohol and smoking both prematurely age your skin, increasing the dryness of your skin and appearance of wrinkles and skin discoloration.  Increased use causes skin inflammation and over time alcohol destroys collagen.  

Both smoking and alcohol affect your brain function and cause premature aging of the brain.


Quitting both smoking and drinking alcohol is difficult and may require the assistance of your doctor.  If you are trying to quit both, it may be easier to do so at the same time. Check out the post on The Power of Habit: Make it a Habit for Men Over 50 for ideas on how to quit.


5. Skincare for Men Over 50

Introduce basic skin care routines tailored for men over 50.

Probably the best skin care you can get is by increasing your consumption of water.  As you age you don’t retain as much water.  Your skin is dryer as a result. Water hydrates  your skin cells, reducing wrinkles and the signs of aging. In addition, water flushes out toxins which causes harm to your skin.


Although we need sunlight for vitamin D production which aids in boosting our immune system, it negatively impacts our skin health with prolonged exposure.  Avoid the sun or use UV sun screen and take vitamin D as a supplement.


Taking care of your skin by washing it with mild soap and moisturizing afterwards will help keep you skin looking healthier.  Consider taking collagen supplements to firm your skin and minimize the appears of wrinkles. 


There is a large variety of skin products marketed and available to men. Check out the Brickell product line, which I use and recommend. Try it out for free by ordering their Sample kit.


If you need additional help or have concerns about your skin, consider consulting a dermatologist for skin care advice.



By following the 5 steps for looking younger for men over 50:  losing weight, lifting weights, getting better sleep, cutting consumption of alcohol and quitting smoking and by taking care of your skin, you will look younger and feel younger.

 If you follow these steps as a comprehensive approach to looking younger you will realize the greatest benefits. While these steps aren’t going to be easy, small consistent changes will make a significant difference.

The Content is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the support and guidance of your physician when you are unsure about any health issues.

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