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Mastering Goals – Achieve Fitness: New Years Resolution

Mastering Achievable Fitness Goals: New-Years-Resolutions calendar

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If you’ve committed to boosting your health and achieve fitness goals this year through diet changes or taking up running, kudos to you. Yet, sticking to your New Year’s resolution for over two months is key to making it a habit, as experts suggest. But if you’re eyeing a complete lifestyle shift from fast food and endless Netflix binging, it often leads to another year of unmet goals.


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Setting Goals that Stick

Experts stress that resolutions should be realistic (the ‘R’ in SMART goals) to stick. Enjoying what you do and finding personal importance in it significantly aids commitment. For instance, if fitness matters more than just running, you might struggle to sustain a running routine. Starting slow and building up might make you feel off-track, ultimately leading to quitting. If your motivation doesn’t align with your true goal, maybe it’s not that “SMART” after all.

Similarly, many starting martial arts seek the excitement of action movies or the noble pursuit of self-defense but overlook the dedication and hard work it demands. The craving for instant gratification leads most to quit, as they seek recognition rather than embracing the art itself.

Consider shifting your focus to smaller, achievable goals instead of monumental feats. What if your aim was to enhance flexibility, balance, focus, or overall well-being rather than mastering combat skills? Achieving these smaller goals might unexpectedly arm you with the confidence for self-defense.


Achieve Fitness Goals But Enjoy the Journey

Reflecting on my journey, I idolized Bruce Lee in my youth, trying various martial arts schools without commitment. Later in life, I found my passion for Taekwondo, valuing the impact it had on my life. My focus, flexibility, strength and confidence soared, as did my ability to defend myself. Because I enjoyed Taekwondo, the journey became part of the enjoyment.

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