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How to Reduce Estrogen in Men? – Avoid These Products Now!

plastic ,chips and processed food

Potato chips - How to Reduce Estrogen in MenLearn how to reduce estrogen in men as excess estrogen can cause weight gain, tiredness, and low libido. To reduce estrogen levels, avoid products with estrogen or similar compounds. First, avoid plastics with bisphenol A (BPA) found in water bottles, food containers, and canned food linings. Next, avoid foods with additives like BHA and Propyl Gallate, which are in chips, frozen meals, and gum. Additionally, limit the use of cosmetics and sunscreens with parabens and oxybenzone. Instead, use glass or stainless-steel containers, eat fresh foods, and choose natural personal care products to lower estrogen exposure [1].

Regular exercise and a balanced diet also help keep estrogen levels in check. Moreover, reducing stress and getting enough sleep can further support hormone balance.

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